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Feb 08, 2018

Who Can Benefit From a Couples Weekend?


You've heard of couples weekends offered by different counselling services in Calgary. While they sound great, aren't they just for couples who are experiencing trouble in their marriages? In fact, a couples weekend retreat or similar activity can benefit couples at all stages in their relationships. Here are some examples to consider.


Many couples can attest that the first year of marriage is difficult. There are many adjustments to make, no matter how long the two people have known one another or how close they were before the marriage. When so many little things seem to take on more importance, choosing to attend a weekend away or maybe one of the couples workshops in Calgary can put things back in perspective. Along the way, the couple may learn a few things that will help them successfully navigate this period of adjustment and emerge happier than ever.

New Parents

When a child becomes part of the household, the union enters a new phase. Things that were priorities before often are shunted aside in favor of taking care of the baby. While that's natural, it's possible to neglect the relationship between the parents.

Choosing to go away for a weekend retreat is a great way to regain some perspective. The couple may also discover some ideas for balancing the need for time to be together with taking proper care of the new baby.

Empty Nesters

Children can become such an important part of the family unit that couples find they mainly connect through the children. Everything they say and do revolves around taking care of the kids. Once the children are adults and on their own, there doesn't seem to be much to talk about or do any longer.

Couples who need help learning how to relate to one another again can benefit from couples therapy in Calgary. With support from a counsellor, it's possible to regain that appreciation for one anther. As the couple begins to communicate more effectively, they may find themselves ready to pick some old interests they once shared or do some of the things they always wanted but didn't for various reasons.

Couples Who Are Under Pressure

Some people think infidelity is the only reason why couples seek counselling. While that is certainly one reason, issues like arguments about finances, the interference of relatives, control issues on the part of one or both spouses, and a host of other things can undermine a marriage. When the couple cannot sort things out on their own, entering into Calgary couples counselling is a wise move.

A counsellor can often help couples find the answers they seek by listening to both parties, asking questions, and encouraging the couple to try various ways to really hear each other. In the best-case scenario, the couple does the hard work of working through the problems and emerge with a stronger marriage.

There is no stigma with seeking counselling in sessions, during retreats, or weekend getaways. Sit down with your spouse and talk about what any of these events could do to make the marriage even better. You may be surprised at what a weekend retreat will accomplish.

I am the founder of One Life Counselling and Coaching LTD and I am honored to lead a team of professional psychologists, psychotherapist’s and life coaches who dedicate their professional lives to helping people to elevate their mindsets, evolve their beliefs and learn to thrive in the present moment.
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