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PACT is a unique therapeutic approach that provides a framework within which couples can successfully explore and navigate the complexities of love and relationships. By integrating the wisdom of attachment theory, neurobiology, and real-time interaction, PACT empowers couples to rewrite their narratives, fostering a secure foundation to co-create the vibrant and enduring relationships they desire.

If you and your partner are seeking a couples therapy method that emphasizes the present moment while also taking a psychobiological approach, PACT may be a perfect fit. At One Life Counselling & Coaching Ltd., our highly trained and experienced psychologists use PACT daily to help couples deepen their bonds and achieve their goals. Below, we’ll explore PACT Couples Therapy in a little more depth:

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What Is a Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy?

PACT, or Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy, is an innovative and dynamic framework for helping couples navigate the complexities of their relationships. Rooted in a deep understanding of human attachment and neurobiology, PACT is a therapeutic approach that offers deep insights into the intricate dance of intimacy.

At its core, PACT recognizes that our romantic partnerships are a delicate interplay of biology, psychology, and emotion. It acknowledges that our past experiences, particularly those in our early attachments, profoundly shape how we relate to our partners in the present. In the words of PACT's founder, Dr. Stan Tatkin, PACT's goal is to help couples become "secure-functioning", meaning they can create a safe and reliable base from which to explore the world together.

History of PACT Therapy

PACT is a relatively new approach to couples therapy and was developed by Dr. Stan Tatkin, a clinician, researcher, and teacher. PACT shares many similarities with other forms of attachment-focused therapy, such as Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) and Internal Family Systems Therapy, but is also grounded in neurobiology and in-the-moment interaction (see below). Dr. Tatkin and his wife, Tracey Boldemann-Tatkin, run the PACT Institute, where therapists can receive training in the method.

PACT Takes a Proactive Stance By Focusing on Three Key Pillars

1. A Neurobiological Lens

PACT draws from neuroscience to understand how our brains are wired for connection and attachment. By delving into the intricate neural pathways that influence our emotions and behaviours, PACT therapists help couples comprehend their reactions to certain triggers or situations in their relationship.

2. Attachment Theory

Like Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, PACT pays attention to attachment styles. These are the blueprints we've internalized from our early relationships that impact how we connect with our partners in adult relationships. PACT therapists guide couples in identifying their respective attachment styles and understanding how they might clash or complement each other.

3. In-the-Moment Interaction

A distinguishing feature of PACT is its emphasis on real-time interactions. Couples are encouraged to explore their dynamics during therapy sessions, with the therapist providing guidance on moment-to-moment shifts in communication, body language, and emotional responsiveness. This approach facilitates deep insights into the nuances of how partners relate to each other in the here and now.

What To Expect During PACT Sessions

PACT therapy sessions can involve a wide variety of different exercises and explorations. These may include:

In the spirit of curiosity and exploration, a couples therapist trained in PACT often introduce playful exercises and experiments that help couples rekindle the spark of curiosity and novelty in their relationships. The goal is to move beyond mere problem-solving and delve into the realms of desire, connection, and passion.
Exploring Attachment Styles
By weaving in elements of attachment theory and neurobiology, PACT therapists help couples comprehend the very essence of why they love the way they do. Using a psychobiolological approach to couples, PACT delves into the deep well of attachment styles, exploring how they influence our reactions and shape our expectations. These insights provide couples with the tools to empathize with each other's unique perspectives and dance together more harmoniously creating secure relationships.
Authentic Dialogue
PACT therapists create a safe space for couples to engage in authentic dialogues. These dialogues aren't merely about addressing conflicts but about discovering the nuances of how we communicate, both verbally and nonverbally.
The Here and Now
One of the hallmarks of PACT is its emphasis on the present moment. Like Internal Family Systems Therapy, Mindfulness Therapy or Gestalt Therapy, the PACT approach advocates being fully present in the here and now to truly understand our partners.

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