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Helping you to live life to the fullest is what gets us out of bed each morning.
One Life Sessions!
We know that making the jump into therapy can be hard and we want
to make that beginning as comfortable and engaging as possible.
Psychiatrist talking to addicted patients at group session

Addictions Counselling In Calgary

Overcome addiction with our evidence-based counseling services. Experienced professionals are here to support your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.
ADHD Counselling

ADHD Counselling Calgary

Millions of Canadians struggle with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. With ADHD therapy, you can learn how to manage distractions and set goals.

Anger Management Counselling Calgary

Do you feel like your emotions get the best of you? With anger management counselling in Calgary, you can learn how to regulate difficult emotions.
Anxiety Counselling

Anxiety Counselling Calgary

Do you battle a constant sense of anxiety? If fear and worry are ruling your life, we offer anxiety counselling in Calgary to give you back control.
Child speaking to a counselor

Child Counselling Calgary

As a parent, you are your child's rock, their safe place, and most trusted ally. You know them best, and when something doesn't feel quite right, you're the first to notice and act as their strongest advocate.
Sad Young Woman With Problems Emotions And Feelings

Depression Therapy in Calgary

When it comes to depression, there's no one-size-fits-all treatment. Depression can come in many forms, and symptoms can vary greatly from one person to the next. If you're struggling, our depression therapy in Calgary at One Life Counselling & Coaching is here and ready to support you.
Divorce Counselling

Divorce Counselling Calgary

Divorce can be incredibly stressful. But a brighter future is on the horizon. We offer divorce counselling in Calgary to help you navigate the road ahead.
Thoughtful man in the living room

Grief Counselling Calgary

Grief looks different for everybody. If you need assistance healing from loss and help in looking forward, we offer grief counselling services in Calgary.
OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder concept

OCD Counselling Calgary

People think of OCD as perfectionism or the need to stay extremely organized. But the illness manifests in various ways for different people. It’s complex, just like we all are. And since OCD is often misrepresented in popular media, many people don’t know they’re struggling with it.
Self-Esteem Counselling

Self-Esteem Counselling Calgary

Do you struggle with low self-worth or a lack of confidence? At One Life Counselling & Coaching, we offer self-esteem counselling in Calgary.
Trauma Counselling

Trauma Counselling Calgary

Have you experienced a traumatic event? If you need help healing from trauma and finding yourself again, we offer counselling services in Calgary.

Retreats & Workshops Calgary

Check out our offerings designed to help you connect – elevate – transform - thrive.

Life Coaching Calgary

When you push your limits, you discover you are much more powerful than you could have ever imagined.

Video Counselling Calgary

For those with busy schedules, out of towners, or wanting to avoid the traffic try our virtual services.

Psychotherapy Counselling Calgary

Psychotherapy is proven to enhance relationships, health & well-being

Couples Counselling Calgary

Couples often share “We don’t know how to figure this out on our own.” And you don’t have to. We’ve got your back.
individual counselling

Individual Counselling Calgary

Feeling stuck? Helpless? Unmotivated? Let us help you find deeper meaning and a renewed energy for your life.

You have one life to live!

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Why work with us?

You can ask us the questions you can’t ask anyone else. We can see the potential in you, even when you can’t. Our Calgary psychologists provide honest and supportive feedback. We’ve spent thousands of hours learning the best tools to help you.

psychotherapy in action

What’s the investment?


Individual Sessions

(60 minutes)
$220 + GST
Per Session

Couples Sessions
(Recommended first 4-6 sessions)

(90 minutes)
$330 + GST
Per Session

Maintenance Couples Counselling

(60 minutes)
$220 + GST
Per Session


(60 minutes)
$220 + GST
Per Session

If being able to use your insurance benefits is an important factor in your selection, our team would be happy to recommend one of our therapists who's services are covered by most insurance plans. Please be sure to confirm in advance if insurance coverage is preferred.


Our standard fees are aligned with the recommended fee schedule from the Psychologist’s Association of Alberta. However, we offer the added value of 60-minute sessions in contrast to the recommended 50-minute session for this fee.

What to expect?

How should I prepare for my first session?

Bring a journal and a have some goals that you have written down of what you would like to get out of therapy and coaching. You can absolutely just show up and discuss.

How often should I book a session?

We recommend our clients come in weekly or bi-weekly when they are getting started to build momentum and relationship.

How long before I notice changes in myself?

Research shows that just making the decision to invest in yourself has a massive impact on change. For lasting change, it is best to view therapy and coaching as a process. It takes time to unlearn bad habits and rewire your brain in ways that contribute to your wellbeing and goal attainment.

What form of payment is accepted?

In order to hold an appointment, we require a working credit card on file which is stored in our secure client management system. All major credit cards, interact e-transfers, and cash are accepted.

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