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One Life is all about inspiring, motivating and empowering. We are about taking action and changing your personal story of how you see yourself.
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One Life Counselling Brings Another New Psychologist On Board

CALGARY, AB:  One Life Counselling & Coaching Ltd., an established and expanding mental health services and coaching collective in Calgary, welcomes registered psychologist (provisional) Daniele Corrao to its professional team.  Corrao has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology as well as a Postgraduate Certificate in Counselling and Brief Strategic Psychotherapy.  He works with individuals and […]

Men's Relationships & Healthy Masculinity - The Therapy Wise Podcast with Ken Fierheller

Ken joined Dr Jennie Ward on the Therapy Wise podcast. In this episode, we explored: Click here to listen to the full episode. Transcribed Verison: Dr. Jennie: Well Hello everyone and welcome back to Therapy Wise. Today, I have a very special guest on the podcast, Ken Fierheller and Ken is a good friend of […]

One Life Counselling & Coaching Ltd. Welcomes New Psychologist

CALGARY, AB:  One Life Counselling & Coaching Ltd., a premier provider of therapy, counselling, and coaching services in Calgary and the surrounding area, is welcoming registered psychologist (provisional) Kristina Dargan to its professional team.  Dargan integrates a variety of therapeutic approaches in her work and specializes in concerns related to anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, anger […]

ART Therapy & EMDR Therapy: How Are They Similar?

Experiencing trauma is scary and can lead to the development of mental health conditions if not processed in a healthy manner. These conditions can further impact the quality of life you have following the traumatic incident.  Choosing a treatment option may seem overwhelming as there are many options. Two of these options are Accelerated Resolution […]

Grief & Children: Techniques For Counselling Children Through Grief

Experiencing loss can be a difficult experience for most people, and this includes our children. In fact, coping with loss can be more complicated for our children because they don’t always understand the permanence related to loss.  Children express their grief in ways that may not be as obvious to adults because it looks different […]

When Should I Seek Assistance From A Psychologist?

When we understand that mental health works on a continuum, we can see that there may be times when our mental health is suffering. If this occurs, we don’t have to deal with this struggle on our own—we can look for assistance or support. Mental health issues are experienced by one in five North Americans, […]

Counsellor Vs. Psychologist: What’s The Difference 

There can be confusion when choosing a health professional to help you with your mental health. This confusion can stem from the different names and positions that are available. In Calgary, Canada, there are various mental health professionals you can choose from, depending on your needs. Understanding the difference between these practitioners provides you with […]

Calgary Counselling Centre Welcomes New Psychologist To Its Team

CALGARY, AB:  One Life Counselling & Coaching Ltd., a therapy, coaching, and counselling centre located at 8 Varsity Estates Cir NW Suite 300 in Calgary, is growing again.  This time, the newest addition to the team is Vanessa Chen, a provisional registered psychologist whose areas of expertise include individual and couples counselling, parenting skills, and […]

Choosing The Right Therapist For Trauma Counselling

Experiencing a traumatic event is difficult and can have a lasting impact on your life. When you are working through this experience it is helpful to have a therapist by your side. A therapist will ensure that as you process what has happened to you, you are safe and secure. They will be able to […]

Why Do I Feel Worse After Marriage Counselling?

Coming to marriage counselling is a big step and usually one that has taken a lot of courage. The last thing that you want is to feel worse after a session. And yet, this is sometimes the case. Does this mean that the counselling is not working? Feeling worse after a therapy session, whether individual […]
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