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Is the normal you left behind, the normal you want to return to?

(7-minute read)

One day my partner walked into our living-room to find me curled up, fetal position on the floor, tears flowing down my face like a river escaping a dam. My body was rigid, my chest heaving as it gasped for air soon to be exhausted in a muffled wail. I was full on ugly crying. And it felt really good and really bad at the same time.

COVID-19: Three Strategies for Your Vitality & Mental Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed us down and waits for us to stand-up and hold our ground. Are you able find solid footing when all that surrounds you feels so unstable? Perhaps you can hear the voice of a coach from the past shouting at you from the sidelines “FOCUS! You need to focus!”

But on what?

As I see it, there are three options:

The 5 Things You Learn In Relationship Counseling

The decision to seek help from a relationship or marriage counsellor is an indication that you and your partner realize something needs work and that both of you are willing to put forth the effort. While you will likely go into those first sessions with some preconceptions about what happens, most of them will prove false. Here are some examples of things you will learn as the counseling moves forward.

Everything You Need to Know About Coaching

Why do you need a coach and how coaching can help you to achieve great goals? Listen to the following podcast and learn more about coaching, self-development and growth with our certified specialist Darrah Wolfe.

Top 5 Tips to Build a Healthy Self-esteem

A couple of things close to my heart. I absolutely love writing, reflecting and reading on the subject of self esteem and worthiness.

Here is what I want to say on the subject. Belief is one of the most powerful and creative forces we have at our disposal and it is greatly misunderstood.