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Codependency: What It Is & How To Overcome It

From the outside, codependency can be perplexing. If you’ve ever had a friend in an unhealthy relationship, then you’ll know exactly what this feels like: “Their partner is treating them so poorly! Why don’t they just leave?” But it’s rarely that simple. Your friend may be in a codependent relationship.  Codependency can form in so […]

What Do I Talk About In My First Therapy Session?

So, you’ve made the choice to go to therapy – first of all congratulations for putting yourself first and doing something that will support and benefit you. Now you begin to think and think and think and small nerves start to appear in your stomach. They all surround the idea of ‘what to talk about […]

Why Is Self-Awareness Important In Counselling?

Self-awareness has become a buzz word in many companies, wellness practices, and coaching rooms. The idea of reaching a state of self-actualization sounds like something worth striving towards. Self-awareness can assist you on this journey. To become self-aware takes effort and courage because it involves a lot of honesty and self-reflection. If you are in […]

Why Do People Leave Relationships?

The heartbreaking experience of leaving a relationship, or your partner leaving the relationship can be like someone has frozen your entire life and you just don’t understand what has happened. This can be hard to move on from, find closure, and begin to heal. Both partners are affected by the end of a relationship or […]

Understanding Social Anxiety And Shyness.

Many of us have wished they had stayed at home instead of gone to that party or had to take a few deep breaths before greeting that aunt or did our best to control our shaking hands for that job interview.  This type of social anxiety is a normal part of daily life and can […]

10 Ingredients That Make A Great Therapist

Starting a therapy journey can be a daunting step on the road to self-healing and growth. Finding the right therapist is an important step in this journey.  First of all, congratulations for taking the step to supporting yourself with this personal decision and starting your healing process.  Finding the right therapist for you might take […]

Why Counselling Can Change Your Life

Does counselling help? A valid question if you are having negative thoughts, low self-esteem, relationship difficulties, mental health problems, anxiety, and much more. You have struggled along on your own and now think it might be time to call for assistance. But can talking therapy really help you take ownership of your own life? Thinking […]

How Long Does it Take to Kick an Addiction?

Admitting that you struggle with an addiction can be a daunting step and usually takes some time before you are really ready to accept, you have a problem. Reading this blog and looking for addiction counselling in Calgary means you have made that step. Congratulations, take a moment to reflect on the fact that you […]

What Does It Mean To Be Neurotic?

The terms ‘neurotic’ and ‘neuroses’ have been used interchangeably and sometimes without understanding for many years. This can give an ominous perception to a set of personality traits, but no real understanding. So, what does it mean to be neurotic? Understanding a habitual behavior set such as neuroticism allows us to be more self-aware, self-accepting, […]

Provider Of Therapy In Calgary Announces Harleen Warring Is Now A Registered Psychologist

One Life Counselling & Coaching, is excited to announce that one of their counsellors, Harleen Warring, has now become a fully registered psychologist.
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