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Couple's Counselling: The Importance of Self-Awareness for Effective Communication

Q&A with One Life What is the importance of self-awareness to effective communication in relationships? Self-awareness is essential. All relationships are going to fall into conflict and disharmony at some point. When that happens, understanding what is going on for you and what you are feeling is key to being able to respond in a […]

Top 5 Tips to Build a Healthy Self-Esteem

A couple of things close to my heart. I absolutely love writing, reflecting and reading on the subject of self esteem and worthiness. Here is what I want to say on the subject. Belief is one of the most powerful and creative forces we have at our disposal and it is greatly misunderstood. Recently I […]

Couples Counselling: How to Ask Your Partner to go to Therapy

Making the invitation for change "If we go to therapy they are just going to tell us what is wrong with us. We just need to make more of an effort and commit to change ourselves. We don't need a therapist." I have a confession to make. That was me speaking many years ago in […]

6 Must Read Relationship Books

Inviting your partner to couples counselling can sometimes be difficult. If you are having trouble starting the conversation try these tips.

How to access the best version of yourself

Today I want to talk about an invitation that is always waiting for you. That invitation is the story of you and how you can awaken the best version of yourself. The application of self mastery is learning to integrate your inner strength and compassion to a high enough level to walk a path of […]

Welcome to Ken Fierheller Psychotherapy and Coaching!

Psychotherapy & Counseling Build confidence and self-esteem with psychotherapy services and counseling. I believe that if you put your energy into developing your awareness and motivation,anything is possible! Counseling is available for: Life Coaching Face your fears with a fresh perspective and pursue your dreams with certainty. We live in the invisible castles we build for ourselves! Learn to […]

Individual Counselling: Resiliency – A Necessity in the Face of Adversity

Resiliency is the ability of an individual, community, organization, or institute to grow and thrive when face to face with misfortune. It is what allows us to get knocked down by adversity – multiple times - brush ourselves off and stand stronger than before. It is also what enables us to take calculated risks and […]

Couples Counselling: Bad Deals in Relationship

Five signs your relationship is in trouble" 'I guess I must be crazy'. Whispers Tanya as she holds her head between her hands. Tanya moves her eyes towards Sheldon her husband of 12 years and father of their two children as she waits for him to respond. Sheldon raises his eye brows in disgust and […]

4 Powerful Tools to Help Improve Your Confidence

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit." -Aristotle Why is sustaining motivation so hard? The big secret is that we often know what is good for us and yet so many of us choose to ignore our feelings and ideas. Instead we say 'if only' or “when […]

Why Do I Keep Choosing the Wrong Partner?

Tired of choosing the bad boy or frat boy relationship? Tired of the relationships where you feel used or taken for granted? My invitation to you is learn the cues, heal the old wounds and envision something greater for yourself. The first thing I want to say is 'great chemistry does not equal a great relationship', this […]
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