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Leah Beech

Registered Psychologist Calgary
Leah specializes in supporting clients age 18+ with relationship counselling, trauma & PTSD, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, LGBTQ+ concerns, and life transitions. With the belief that every person has a why behind their behaviour, Leah brings her compassionate and curious nature to help clients understand how to respond to concerns that throw them off-balance. She uses a collaborative, goal-directed approach to help people identify what they value and to help them take action to create a meaningful life.
Leah's therapy draws on:
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headshot of Daniele Carrao
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Daniele Corrao

Registered Provisional Psychologist Calgary
Daniele specializes in supporting clients age 14+ that struggle with anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, relationships, addictions and life transitions. Everyone is unique, and Daniele believes therapy should reflect that. Actively seeking your input and feedback, he draws upon a range of therapeutic modalities in tailoring his approach to your personal preferences and specific situation. Choosing to seek help isn’t always easy. Upon meeting Daniele, you will first notice his calm, kind hearted, and non judgemental way of being. He takes great care in creating a space where his clients feel safe and comfortable to open up and share. Languages: English & Italian
Daniele's therapy draws on:
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Headshot of Leanne Luchinski
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Leanne Luchinski

Registered Provisional Psychologist Calgary
Leanne specializes in supporting clients age 13+ with concerns related to depression, anxiety, burnout, work-life balance, ADHD, parenting and blended families. She also supports clients dealing with trauma from difficult relationships or unexpected life events. Leanne’s approach to counselling is integrative, drawing from multiple therapeutic modalities. She believes in the importance of tailoring therapy to fit the unique strengths and preferences of her clients. Leanne is often described as ‘warm and fuzzy’, and she works to create a sense of comfort in each of her sessions.
Leanne's therapy draws on:
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Elizabeth Brunner

Registered Provisional Psychologist Calgary
Elizabeth specializes in supporting clients age 14+ with concerns related to anxiety, depression, trauma, relationships, stress, and parenting. She is accepting, compassionate, and client-centred in her approach. Elizabeth aims to cultivate a safe space where you feel comfortable to explore and deepen self-awareness, facilitate healing, and learn healthy skills for meaningful and purposeful ways of doing and being.
Elizabeth's therapy draws on:
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Gregory Eccles

Registered Psychologist Calgary
Gregory offers integrative therapy for individuals age 13+ and couples that matches clients with the most relevant therapeutic understandings and techniques for their complex situations. Integrative therapy is perfect for addressing a whole that represents more than the sum of its parts, understanding clients as more than just a collection of problems, and presenting solutions which fit within an interwoven system.
Gregory's therapy draws on:
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Kristina Dargan

Registered Provisional Psychologist Calgary
Kristina specializes in supporting clients age 16+ with concerns related to anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, childhood-trauma, self-esteem, stress/burnout and relationship concerns. Embracing authenticity in her sessions, Kristina brings an abundance of compassion and curiosity, walking alongside her clients to help them heal from issues that limit their ability to step into their power. She integrates a variety of therapeutic approaches, to hold that inner critic accountable to gently introduce a more balanced view incorporating both logic and emotion increasing the quality of her client’s lived experience.
Kristina's therapy draws on:
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headshot photo of Vanessa Chen, Registered Psychologist Calgary
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Vanessa Chen

Registered Provisional Psychologist Calgary
Vanessa specializes in supporting clients age 3+ with concerns related to anxiety, depression, stress/burnout, parenting, ASD, behaviour challenges, family conflict and relationship concerns. Vanessa understands that every individual is unique; she combines different approaches that best fit you. Her approach aims to create a warm, non-judgement environment to build a strong therapeutic relationship, and work together as a team to achieve your goals. Languages: English & Cantonese
Vanessa's therapy draws on:
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Ken Fierheller

Registered Psychotherapist & Coach Calgary
Ken’s main focus is supporting individuals age 18+ struggling with co-dependence issues, low self confidence, people pleasing behaviors and low self esteem. He helps people looking to enhance their lives by letting go of old beliefs that are no longer serving them. Ken also has a special interest in helping clients who are recently separated/divorced and helping them to discover themselves on a deeper level and finding purpose again. Lastly, Ken helps individuals struggling in the dating scene, who want to attract a high value partner and embody their best self in the dating world. Ken's therapy draws on: Gestalt Psychotherapy Training Internal Family Systems The Gottman Institute - Gottman Method Level 1 & 2 Emotionally Focused Therapy Relational Life Institute - Level 1 & 2 Gestalt Couples Therapy Training Encountered Centred Couples Training
Ken's therapy draws on:
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Darah Wolfe
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Darrah Wolfe

Performance and Life Coach
Darrah specializes in working with data-driven, analytical, busy minded professionals, engineers, creatives, and entrepreneurs. If you lean on hard data results to be more open to change and move beyond your comfort zone of the status quo, you can expect Darrah to integrate the latest science on goal setting, motivation, and habit formation into your coaching process.
Darrah's coaching draws on:
  • Solutions Focused Coaching
  • Conscious Business Coaching
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Facilitator)
  • Behavioural Based Coaching
  • Ontalogical Coaching
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