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Darrah Wolfe

Performance and Life Coach

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Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Professional Engineer (P.Eng)

Academic Credentials:

  • Masters of Applied Positive Psychology, University of Pennsylvania
  • BSc Industrial Systems Engineering, University of Regina
  • Newfield’s Certified Ontalogical Coach Training Program, University of Calgary

Models of Therapy:

  • Solutions Focused Coaching
  • Conscious Business Coaching
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Facilitator)
  • Behavioural Based Coaching
  • Ontalogical Coaching
Darah Wolfe

Types of Support Darrah Offers

Concerns related to:
  • Executive and Leadership Development
  • Navigating Conflict
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Self-Awareness
  • Time Management
  • Accountability
  • Perfectionism
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Maximizing Potential
  • Developing Positive Habits
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Life Transitions
  • Working Parents
Psychotherapists and Psychiatrists
What training or specializations complement your work with individuals? What’s unique about your style?

Likely because of my former career as an engineer, my clients experience me as much of a consultant as a coach. In working together, I am going to actively get to know you, your business, your team, and your problems in such an in depth way that I will be able to provide thought provoking questions, practical feedback and creative ideas all in service of helping you to obtain your greater goals.

I help high performing individuals discover the value and super power of the soft skills (ie. emotional intelligence) through my unique combination of training in both technical and social sciences. Many of my clients find their career growth limited by underdeveloped soft skills and discover the soft skills are really the hard ones to master. Hard skills + soft skills = boundless success

Who are you most experienced working with?

I have extensive experience working with executives, business owners, and leaders in many of the Top 100 Companies in the world, who find themselves asking the questions “How do I grow into a promotion” and “How do I take my leadership to the next level?”

For many this looks like:

    • Increasing self-confidence

    • Improving communication

    • Learning to lead diverse teams

    • Better navigating difficult conversations

    • Enhancing emotional intelligence

What can your clients expect from you?

As your coach, it is my job to synthesize all the information you share and skillfully craft powerful questions, creative dialogue, and be strategic in helping you build a clear path towards your goals.

You can also expect me to:

    • Show up as a curious listener

    • Customize each session to your immediate needs and longer term goals, and

    • Provide constructive and insightful feedback

Are your services eligible for health benefit insurance coverage?

Professional coaching services are rarely, if ever, covered through insurance benefits.

Clients pay for my services in the following ways:

    • Direct paid through their business as a business expense

    • Reimbursed through an employer lifestyle spending account

    • Reimbursed or direct paid through an employer learning and development budget

    • Out-of-pocket (paid personally by the client)

How will I know if you are a good fit for working with me?

The answer for me to this question is the same as any meaningful relationship in your life - you should feel engaged, nourished, and connected in our interactions.  In our work together you should feel like we have clearly defined what you want to be different in your life, your motivation for this change, and that the time we spend together helps you to get there.  You should feel that I’m on your team.
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What led you to your work as a coach?

I have a deep curiosity for human behaviour and what makes people tick.

In my former career, I planned, executed and optimized $80MM capital projects in the Alberta energy sector. In doing so, I began to notice that my operational optimization efforts were overlooking an important factor: THE PEOPLE. 

Given that all of my educational and work experience was in the hard sciences, I felt ill-equipped on how individuals strengths, motivations, and behaviours contributed to (or got in the way of) highly engaged and outperforming teams. This sense of not knowing something that seemed so integral to living a fulfilling life started me down a path of expanding my knowledge in the social sciences.  

I completed an accredited coach training program and a number of years later went on to graduate with a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. At first, I used my coaching skills within my engineering leadership roles, but soon wanted to have a greater impact in being a motivational force for the people and not just in service of the organization’s goals. 

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