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Our lives are full of distractions. From the constant notifications on our phones to the busy world around us, it’s hard to stay focused.
But for people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), everyday distractions are an even bigger issue.
In Canada, ADHD affects 1.5 million people (but many adults and children go undiagnosed). While the exact cause of ADHD is unknown, it may have to do with your genetics.

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The most common ADHD symptoms include:

    • Difficulty paying attention and concentrating 
    • Impulsivity
    • Fidgeting
    • Forgetfulness
    • Missing deadlines
    • Giving up on tasks before finishing them
    • Mood swings
    • Having trouble with organization and often losing track of things 
When someone is dealing with ADHD, it isn’t always obvious; that’s why it often goes undiagnosed. Symptoms look different for different genders; men with ADHD display more hyperactive symptoms, while women have a harder time paying attention or staying organized. 

ADHD can affect your self-esteem, your relationships, and your career. While many Canadians are diagnosed as children, some don’t get the help they need until they’re adults. You don’t need to manage your condition alone. If you deal with ADHD, we can help you get the help you need. 

Make positive changes in your life with therapy. At One Life, we offer ADHD counselling and life coaching. You’ll learn strategies and skills to manage your condition.
Find out how ADHD counselling in Calgary can benefit you:

What Is ADD & ADHD?

ADHD and ADD are often used interchangeably, but they don’t mean the same thing. Let’s clear this up: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a condition that makes it harder for people to control impulses, focus their attention, and manage their time.  ADD (attention deficit disorder) describes a slightly different type of this condition. Most of the symptoms are the same but without hyperactivity. Also known as “inattentive ADHD”, it’s characterized by forgetfulness, trouble focusing, and disorganization.  Most consider ADD to be an outdated term. Now, it’s more common to break ADHD down into three types:
  • ADHD, impulsive & hyperactive type
  • ADHD, inattentive & distractible type
  • ADHD, combined type

How Do I Get Diagnosed With ADHD in Calgary?

Getting diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder doesn’t mean you’re broken or deficient. It just means that your brain works differently than other people’s brains! 

And that’s not a disadvantage, either; through counselling, you can learn how to stay organized and complete tasks on time. 

If you’re looking for an ADHD diagnosis, you can seek out a healthcare professional. Schedule an appointment with a nurse practitioner, neurologist, or psychiatrist. 

But you don’t need a diagnosis to start seeking treatment. At One Life, you can set up a consultation to discuss what you’re looking for; we’ll arrange a meeting with a counsellor who can help.

Does Counselling Help With ADHD?

Absolutely. Through counselling, you can learn to better cope with the symptoms and feelings associated with ADHD.  Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is not something that goes away with time. The sooner you seek treatment, the sooner you can start learning how to better manage it. You can improve your quality of life, mental health, and work or school life. We’ll help you develop the tools you need to maintain focus, manage your life, and accomplish your goals.  At One Life Counselling & Coaching, we’ll get to know what you’re looking for. Then, we’ll design a treatment plan to meet your needs. We’ll ask you things like: 
  • What do you want to work on? 
  • How is ADHD affecting your life? 
  • Which behaviours do you want to change? 
From there, we’ll focus on providing you with the skills and coping mechanisms you need. Reshape the way you think and manage your attention with ADHD counselling.

What Type of Therapy Is Best for ADHD?

When treating ADHD, there are two main therapy options: The first is cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Through CBT, you can alter the way you think about and react to the world around you. Essentially, you’re restructuring your thought patterns to change your behaviours.  Recent studies prove that with CBT, people who have ADHD can improve their symptoms. They learn how to navigate everyday challenges, like time management, organization, staying focused, and challenges with procrastination. A therapist can help you set goals, make a plan of action, and follow through with it.  The second approach is life coaching. With this treatment, you can learn how to:
  • Better manage your time. Prioritize the most important tasks and arrange your day into a logical flow. By completing tasks in order and organizing your time, you can get essential work done. Feel confident about how you take on the day.
  • Set achievable goals and stay accountable. Do you have a hard time starting projects or seeing them to completion? Learn how to break up big tasks into manageable steps. You’ll find out how to schedule your day and hold yourself accountable to your goals. With the right approach, you’ll be surprised at how much you can get done!
  • Develop your awareness about what’s distracting you and how to focus your attention. All of our brains work differently. You might find that you can focus more easily in total silence—or you might need the bustle and hustle of a busy coffee shop to get stuff done. 
Life coaching is becoming a more popular treatment for people with ADHD. Whether you’d like to try coaching or ADHD therapy, we offer counselling and coaching services that can make a difference in your life.
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Virtual or In-Person Counselling

Having a hard time finding a babysitter? Can’t change your busy schedule to make it to our office? Live outside of Calgary? No problem; we use a secure video platform to offer video counselling. At One Life, we offer online and in-person appointments to fit your schedule.

Organize Your Life With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Counselling in Calgary!

Do you feel like you’re always forgetting something? Wish it were easier to pay attention? Tired of losing track of things? 

Get your life back on track with ADHD therapy. With our counselling services, we’ll help you regain control of your brain and follow through with the goals you want to accomplish. 

During your initial consultation, we’ll match you with a therapist who’s right for you. You’ll learn the strategies and skills you need to manage attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Contact One Life Counselling & Coaching today!
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(60 minutes)
$220 + GST
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If being able to use your insurance benefits is an important factor in your selection, our team would be happy to recommend one of our therapists who's services are covered by most insurance plans. Please be sure to confirm in advance if insurance coverage is preferred.

Our standard fees are aligned with the recommended fee schedule from the Psychologist’s Association of Alberta. However, we offer the added value of 60-minute sessions in contrast to the recommended 50-minute session for this fee.

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