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Life Coaching

You tells us the direction you want to go and we help you clear the way.
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When you push the limits of who you are. You discover you are greater and much more powerful than you could have ever imagined

  • Develop a Powerful Mindset-Forget Tomorrow- Live in the Now- Motivational Daily Habits
  • Couples Counselling Calgary: How to Save Your Relationships And Marriage with Couples Therapy
Find Your Inner Motivation
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Our Team Members Providing This Service

Registered Psychologist Calgary
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Registered Psychotherapist & Coach Calgary
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Darah Wolfe
Performance and Life Coach
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Our Specialities

Our coaches are trained to get you deeply connected to your WHY and stay focused on achieving your goals. Accountability-Commitment-Best Life
  • Performance Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Dating Coaching
  • Post-Divorce Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Self Esteem Coaching
  • Career Coaching
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Having a coach with
a background in psychology
is a huge advantage.

Weaving coaching and psychology together is a powerful approach to letting go of what is no longer serving you and move into future with a balanced mindset.
We coach business leaders, coaches/therapists, entrepreneurs, athletes and professionals who want to improve themselves to the next level of their life, performance and relationships.

Benefits of Coaching

Life coaching helps us stay focused and very intentional on the future with
our dreams, vision and what we would like to create in our personal world.

Personal Coaching

  • Create your dream life
  • Build greater confidence & self esteem
  • Feel more aligned in your life
  • Unrelenting support and guidance
  • Pursuing your dreams with greater certainty
  • Letting go of old belief systems

Relationship Coaching

  • Becoming your authentic & best self
  • Approaching relationships with confidence & grace
  • Dating coaching
  • Creating a great relationship with yourself first
  • Attract value in your life Communicate clearly who you are
  • Repair old relationships Enhance business relationships

Executive Coaching

  • Become a great leader
  • Leading successful teams
  • Success in achieving professional goals
  • Starting up a new business with the right attitude & mindset
  • Being a resilient leader
  • Creating productive teams
  • Performance improvement Time management that works for you

Having a coach gives you that personal sounding board and personal guide to help you master the skills & mindset to achieve your highest goals

  • Our One Life coaches will help you find more motivation, hold you accountable, and help you find your best version of yourself.
  • Our coaches will invite you to have new perspectives and unlock insights that help you move towards your life path.
  • We will guide you towards your goals and help you believe in yourself with an unstoppable and resilient mindset.
  • We all know life is up and down, we will help you to deal with change with more support and make greater meaning out of every adversity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is life coaching?
Life coaching is the process of discovering your highest potential, understanding clearly exactly where you are now and putting together a plan for how to move forward with goals.

Here is one of the big secrets about life coaches - coaching should be fun. It's about you and about you pushing through old beliefs, breaking new boundaries within and discovering your inner self.

Coaching should be tough. I do not know anyone that has grown and pushed themselves internally and not encountered challenges. True growth will always come from pushing yourself past the comfortable and into the uncomfortable.

Now some coaches are going to be focused on only telling you the positives, but we want you to hear the truth right away. Growth takes work and our specialists are trained to hold you accountable.

Think of our life coaching service as having your own personal accountability coach. Someone who knows you, knows what gets in your way and can help keep you on track for how to move forward in your life.
What are the benefits?

Life Coaching + the combination of psychology is a very powerful and unique partnership when looking to improve your life, career and relationships.

Push Your Limits

Career coaching for example with a registered psychologist or psychotherapist can be highly effective partnership for overcoming psychological limiting beliefs and mindset obstacles.

Empower Your Leadership Abilities

Many life coaches are only equipped to ask questions and not offer the deeper psychological support necessary for achieving lasting change. We know that leadership coaching with One Life is effective at teaching our clients how to embody and integrate leadership principles.

Brake Fears from The Past

Having the depth of psychotherapy paired with the strategy and accountability of life coaching can be very effective for both undoing past unconscious patterns and at the same time keep you moving forward towards a desired future.

Accept Yourself

We believe strongly in helping people to embrace the present moment, accepting themselves with a renewed sense of themselves and at the same time we know how rewarding it is to have a path forward with goals and intentions.

Find the Inner Wisdom

Having a deep understanding for psychology and how to achieve results is a great combination for lasting change and finding your own inner wisdom. One Life life coaches in Calgary have a great ability to use their background in psychology to help with this process.

How can life coaching help?

Life coaching at our One Life office is a great place for our clients to explore their goals and desired life changes with a professional from our team that will challenge and support them in just the right way to achieve those goals.

We have many success stories of clients that wanted to be a better leader for their teams and organizations. One of the most common challenges for coaching leadership clients is that they need help with how they express themselves and how they empower/support the teams they have.

Leadership coaching is not just about becoming a better leader for your teams. At One Life it is about whole heartily becoming a better human being in all walks of life. Good leadership means that who you are in the boardroom does not change when you are in the living room.

That kind presence and ability is not just a role but rather a way of being. This is the kind of thing our leaders are focused on when they come to One Life. We help to find a voice to express their most authentic version of leadership available to them. We know how debilitating it can be to be working in the wrong role or job and we love helping our clients find passionate and meaningful directions in their life.

How does the whole process go?

Life coaching is about getting really clear on your goals. We always encourage the clients to come to sessions prepared with a journal, some writing on their goals and perspective into why they imagine they are struggling with those goals.

Most meetings begin with focusing on your leadership goals. Most of them begin with career goals. Whatever the type of coaching you are seeking

At the end of your first appointment we discuss how many sessions you are hoping to attend and make a plan moving forward. We have an online booking system that is quite easy to use and we always like to encourage our clients to go ahead and book desired times that best serve your schedule.

Most clients tend to book weekly or every other week. Many of our clients will space out those sessions once they have attended therapy and coaching for a few months.(Please note we have a strict 48hr cancellation policy).

Which techniques are used during the session?

We use creative dialogue, exercises and awareness driven techniques to help the clients to get really motivated towards the positive change they are looking for.

Life coaches use writing exercises, deep introspection and unique questioning techniques to pull on the best practices to get results with their clients.

How can I prepare for the meeting?

Bring a journal and all of your questions about your issues and goals. We are going to do our best to answer all of your questions and help you identify the best path forward together.

Don’t worry if you are nervous, everyone is in the beginning. Our life coaches will help you feel comfortable and if you do not have a list of questions will likely answer most of your questions regardless.

We like to say, prepared great, unprepared that is great too. We know our coaching is going to add value to your life and we are very confident that you will find that investing in One Life was one of the best decisions you have ever made.

Is it possible to have an online session?

Yes, of course! We have contacts with companies and their employees and we are often providing online video coaching to our clients.

When you reach out to us all you need to do is let us know that you are hoping to use video or phone coaching for your appointments and we would be happy to set up the rest for you.

Some people ask if there is a difference and we have found that we have been able to be just as effective with our sessions and results online. Online video life coaching is a great answer for our clients who need to save time on coming to and from our physical office space.

Can I achieve career goals with your help?

Helping our clients reach their goals is our business model. Career coaching from One Life is a service that is about reaching your career goals, your professional goals and we are here to help serve you in getting there.

When you are looking to hire a life coach in Calgary, make sure you find a specialist which has experience with helping clients in their business, helping with leadership coaching and knows the in’s and outs of helping clients achieve their goals.

Finding the right life coach in Calgary to work with requires some research. We want to explain how our life coaching works and how you can understand better if One Life is right choice for you.

Life coaching is a process of understanding each client’s unique strengths, gifts and where they get in their own way. Our personal coaches in Calgary at our One Life office focus on helping you move towards your goals and achieve success in many areas of your life.

We have career coaching, leadership coaching, performance coaching and self-esteem coaching at our One Life office. We think that finding the right life coach is a very important decision.

You want to make sure you have someone that you trust to get you to the place you want to be in your life. Life coaching is about asking really powerful questions and making suggestions that can help each person to take on the right mindset and psychology for themselves when they are moving towards

Our life coaching is a partnership with you to help you find your inner rhythm as you move towards achieving your goals and we do this by holding you accountable and staying focused by inviting the best version of yourself. Coaching helps you organize your thinking and mindset to align with your highest values and larger goals in life.

Our life coaching is designed to support you and gently challenge you towards your greatest potential. We want to help you develop a strong core belief for yourself that becomes your new reality.

You are unique and only get this one life to live. Why not give yourself the gift of committing to investing in your personal growth.

We believe in the creative process of self discovery and by combining therapy with coaching, you get the best of both worlds. You will get to experience the magic of intention/goal setting and the powerful exploration of experimental psychotherapy is the perfect mix for personal growth.

Rates and Insurance


Individual Sessions

(60 minutes)
$220 + GST
Per Session

Couples Sessions
(Recommended first 4-6 sessions)

(90 minutes)
$330 + GST
Per Session

Maintenance Couples Counselling
Follow-up or Maintenance

(60 minutes)
$220 + GST
Per Session


(60 minutes)
$220 + GST
Per Session

If being able to use your insurance benefits is an important factor in your selection, our team would be happy to recommend one of our therapists who's services are covered by most insurance plans. Please be sure to confirm in advance if insurance coverage is preferred.

Our standard fees are aligned with the recommended fee schedule from the Psychologist’s Association of Alberta. However, we offer the added value of 60-minute sessions in contrast to the recommended 50-minute session for this fee.

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