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Best Psychology Services in Calgary

If you are experiencing challenges with your mental health, such as depression, anxiety or the effects of trauma, having a good psychologist in your corner can help.
  • Be the Change
    We use proven relationship science and powerful tools to teach you practical strategies that help you thrive in your relationships.
  • Protect Your Relationship
    We specialize in teaching couples how to communicate better, resolve old conflicts and reconnect with one another.
We use proven relationship science and powerful tools to teach you practical strategies that help you thrive in your relationships.
Be the Change
We specialize in teaching couples how to communicate better, resolve old conflicts and reconnect with one another.
Protect Your Relationship

What is the difference between a Calgary Psychologist, a Psychotherapist and a Counsellor?



A psychotherapist is generally someone who has trained at a specific post-graduate training school that focuses on providing psychotherapy to their clients. Psychotherapy is often a form of either talk therapy and/or using body centred therapy to address mental health, unhelpful behaviors and trauma.


A counsellor is a very broad term that is currently not regulated in Alberta, meaning anyone can call themselves a counsellor. A counsellor is someone that generally will help with a wide spectrum of counselling topics, like depression, anxiety or trauma-related issues.


A psychologist is a regulated mental health professional trained in the study of human behavior and psychology. They are trained to use a variety of treatment approaches for assessing and helping people to overcome or manage their mental health issues.

Difference in Qualificatons

Psychotherapy is often a form of either talk therapy and/or using body centered therapy to address mental health, unhelpful behaviors and trauma. The provinces of Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec & New Brunswick have regulated the use of this term and have colleges that govern and make sure their psychotherapists have the proper education, training and supervision to practice in their province. Psychotherapists that belong to colleges in any of these four provinces with regulations will have in-depth training and on-going requirements to up-hold to continue to practice. Alberta is currently in the process of regulating the psychotherapy profession and does not yet have a governing college.
Psychologists in Alberta have completed at minimum a Masters level education in clinical psychology, counselling psychology, or educational psychology and are licensed by the regulatory body for the profession of psychology in the province, The College of Alberta Psychologists. All psychologists on the One Life team are licensed to practice in Alberta and can be found in the College’s member directory. Psychologists help their clients with a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction, relationships, behavioral issues, chronic pain, grief, parenting issues, self-harming, abuse, and more.

How Can a Psychologist Help You?

Finding the best psychologist that fits your individual needs can certainly be a challenging task.

Most people don’t realize that finding a good psychologist, one that is well versed in supporting your specific issue or challenge, takes some careful consideration.

The majority of people who enter therapy will have their symptoms reduced and improve their mental state. In working with a psychologist, among other things, you can learn to better manage your emotions and gain new insights that help you to replace sabotaging behaviors with healthy behaviors that can drive all sorts of positive outcomes in your life: higher levels of self-confidence, enhanced relationships with coworkers or those you love, improved work performance, greater sense of meaning and connection to life, and so on.

People most often make the decision to reach out to a registered psychologist in Calgary when they have reached the point when they are ready to commit to reducing the occurrence of negative experiences, emotions, and behaviors that have been holding them back from feeling a greater sense of control over themselves and their lives. Whether you are in a bad place and want things to improve or in a good place and wanting things to be better, connecting with a psychologist is a great way to invest in your mental well-being.

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How to Choose the Right Psychologist?

Finding the best psychologist in Calgary means you should look at their additional training to see if they have the skill set to help you. For example if you want to work on your anxiety, you may want to find a psychologist that has training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy or Acceptance Commitment Therapy. If you want depression counselling you might want to see a specialist who has training in positive psychology or Mindfulness Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Psychologist Specific Training

Psychologists in Calgary NW use a variety of different approaches to help their clients as there are many different styles of psychotherapy in Calgary to choose from. Each style has a different set of benefits and the treatment suggested depends on the symptoms.

Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT)

ACT is a type of behavioral therapy that focuses on accepting difficult aspects of your life while aligning with your deeper values and often includes mindfulness as part of the skill building approach to life. The goal is greater psychological flexibility and a commitment to change. Acceptance Commitment Therapy is particularly helpful for depression, addiction and changing bad habits.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT is considered one of the most well researched therapy approaches. CBT aims to help people change their thinking patterns and help them replace unhelpful thoughts with more positive thinking patterns. This usually helps old behaviors that were previously destructive as well.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

DBT is similar to CBT and differs in the approach by putting more attention on helping clients regulate their emotions. This approach is especially helpful with clients who have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder or have trauma and PTSD in their lives. DBT group therapy is very effective for anyone that struggles to regulate their emotions.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)

EMDR is a newer type of psychotherapy used to treat trauma, stress and healing through using the clients eye movements and recalling their past painful events. Gradually the therapist will re-focus the attention to more pleasant and positive thoughts while having the client follow their hand.

The goal is to lessen the negative emotional charge. EMDR method can be particularly helpful with clients experiencing trauma, anxiety, eating disorders and depression.

Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt Therapy is a psychotherapy approach that focuses on weaving the here and now into the psychotherapy work. The aim is to create more self awareness and with new awareness of our self we can have more possibilities for our life. Gestalt therapy uses mindfulness to help clients grow greater confidence and self esteem within themselves. In our psychologist Calgary nw office we have therapists who use Gestalt Therapy to help their clients live more in the present moment and let go of unhelpful past behaviors.

Psychodynamic & Humanistic Therapy

Psychodynamic & Humanistic Therapy is an approach that focuses on understanding how your past experiences continue to influence your current life. The best psychologists in Calgary will use this approach to help their clients navigate their challenges through the lens of past patterns and help bring new awareness to their clients.

Positive Psychology Therapy

Positive Psychology Therapy is an approach that focuses on the strengths rather than the weaknesses of a person. The study began out of the question, what makes life more worthwhile and meaningful. The approach of our Calgary psychologists is to help their clients rewire their perceptions through positive thinking approaches and find more meaning in their lives.

Somatic Psychotherapy

Somatic Psychotherapy is a therapy approach that brings awareness and focus to the client body and brings forward the emotions living within their clients. Two approaches to therapy are Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Somatic Experiencing Psychotherapy. Both of these approaches focus the attention onto the clients emotions, their body and understanding how their nervous system works. This approach can be effective with trauma, anxiety and depression.

What can a Psychologist help their clients with?

Psychologists help their clients with a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction, relationships, behavioral issues, chronic pain, grief, parenting issues, self-harming, abuse, and more.

General Mental Health Therapy

Having the desire to generally enhance your mental health is a very common reason for seeking out a psychologist in Calgary. General mental health therapy is focused on a wide spectrum of issues that could be affecting an individual. Many Calgary psychologists would consider themselves generalists, meaning they would feel very comfortable with seeing a client with multiple challenges. For example someone might see a psychologist Calgary professional that can treat depression, anxiety and relational issues.

Depression Counselling Calgary

Finding a psychologist that specializes in depression can help with alleviating depression symptoms, bring more fulfillment and meaning to one's life. The goal with depression counselling in Calgary is to help an individual feel more alive, unstuck and connected to themselves again.

Anxiety Counselling Calgary

Psychologists that specialize in anxiety in Calgary are going to be trained to help reduce anxiety and teach you skills to cope with the symptoms and effects of anxiety. Anxiety counselling in Calgary is something that we at One Life are happy to offer and would be happy to help you find the right fit with our team.

Career and Finance Issues

Challenges we encounter within our careers and personal finances can lead to feelings of overwhelm, hopelessness, and despair. When left unchecked these feelings can transform into anxiety and depression. If you are experiencing challenges in your career or finances that feel insurmountable, it may be helpful to connect with a psychologist to learn how to see new possibilities for taking steps that can reduce your stress and unpleasant feelings.

Couples Counselling

Most relationships have complex dynamics that often need help understanding and support with. All of the psychologists at our One Life office have additional training in working with couples to support a wide variety of challenges couples encounter: communication challenges, conflict, intimacy issues, infidelity, parenting, etc.


Finding a psychologist that can help you process through your grief can be a very important step to moving through your grief. The best psychologists in Calgary for grief counselling is someone that holds specific training in grief work.

Is there a difference between a Social Worker and a Psychologist?

Although both in the helping profession, there are some differences between the two. For example, psychologists are trained to administer psychological tests, while social workers are not. Psychologists tend to focus more on a client’s cognitive processes and behaviors while social workers can have more of a focus on a client's environment and support services. Licensed clinical social workers can have similar tools and training to provide high level psychotherapy and counselling services, often while collaborating with other health professionals. Psychologists Calgary NW have in-depth training and many requirements to be a registered psychologist in Calgary. Calgary psychologists have gone through their university training, as well as spent hours under supervision with a trained psychologist and passed challenging exams to practice therapy in Calgary.

How should I know if I need a consultation with a Psychologist or Counsellor with a MSW (Masters in Social Work)?

We encourage you to take a look at our One Life teams’ profiles and see if you can find a therapist that suits your specific needs and one where their description of services resonates with you. If it is your first time attending counselling in Calgary and you want to get a better idea of what a psychologist in Calgary can offer, we can set up a consultation for you to ask questions to help you better make a decision of who is the best fit for you. Many people want to find the best psychologist in Calgary for their situation and the truth is every therapist is going to have different strengths and approaches to their therapy. If you want to find Calgary's best psychologists you should base that decision on 3 factors.
  • Do they have the training for my specific issue?
  • Do they ‘feel’ genuine and empathetic when you speak with them?
  • Do they feel like they are a safe and welcoming place for you to open up with?

What Should I ask a Psychologist?

You can think of your first session or consultation with a Calgary psychologist as an opportunity to assess if they are the best fit for you by asking very specific questions. We recommend you bring a pen and journal with your questions and to take notes in your first session or phone consultation. Here are some ideas that you can bring to ask your psychologist in Calgary
  • What is your approach to psychotherapy?
  • After hearing a high level description of your situation, you can ask how they would approach working with you
  • What would success look like?
  • Do I sound like the right fit to work with you?
  • How much does this process cost? Are you an affordable psychologist in Calgary?

What is the Process for Seeing a Psychologist at One Life?

The best first step is to reach out to us by phone or email. Our intake coordinator is well versed in all of our therapist strengths and background and is ready to set you up with the Best Psychologist in Calgary for your specific concerns. Our intake coordinator will reach out to you and set up an appointment and explain all the details to make your first visit as comfortable and easy as possible.

Your first appointment would be a discovery session where you share your goals, your biggest concerns and our Calgary Psychologist will ask you many questions to get to know you and also give you space to ask them any questions about their process.

We always like to encourage bringing specific questions you have for our Calgary Psychologists.

At One Life we want you to be very clear on what therapy will look like with us and we will aim to do our best to describe all the details to you. At the end of the first session you should have a fairly clear idea on the path forward with us and what to expect from therapy.

How can I prepare for my first meeting with my Psychologist?

We encourage you to bring a journal with any questions and thoughts for your first appointment. We will welcome you with a cup of tea or glass of water and begin by getting to know you in a confidential setting.

In the very beginning it is about getting to know you. Whether you are coming in for individual counselling in Calgary or depression counselling our focus is on having a discovery session to get to know you and your situation.

You can take notes during the session or we have a great little coffee shop on the first floor that you can go to after your session and reflect on your session by taking notes. It can be really helpful to take some time after the session to yourself.

Does your team of Calgary Psychologists provide online sessions?

Our psychologists and psychotherapists offer very convenient online counselling options for our clients. If you want to meet from the convenience of your home or office, we have secure internet video conferencing for our clients that cannot make it into the office.

Can a Psychologist in Calgary help me with a worrying mind?

Our psychologists in Calgary use a mixed approach to help clients feel less anxious in their lives. Anxiety counselling in Calgary is a process of learning to ease the mind. We believe that if you learn how your mind and nervous system combine to keep you dysregulated that you can learn skills to cope with anxiety such as reframing your narrative.

How often should I be coming in to visit my psychologist?

Our Calgary psychologists will give you an idea after meeting with you how often you might want to come in to see the most improvements. Success is different for each person but long term change almost always comes from investing in the beginning of therapy and starting off strong to get positive momentum.

Are Calgary Psychologists covered by my insurance provider?

Majority of insurance providers will cover our Calgary psychologists; we always like to encourage our clients to check with their providers before coming to their first session. You can let your provider know that you plan to see a registered psychologist in Calgary and give them the name and registration number of the practitioner. Your provider should be able to tell you if you have coverage to see them or not.

Are all of One Life’s Calgary Psychologists trained in the same way?

Our Calgary Psychologists are not all trained in the same way and we believe this to be a good thing. We want to be able to have a robust and diverse group of Calgary psychologists for you to choose from and we believe that our One Life team has a good choice for your situation. We take a great deal of pride in our interview process, finding therapists to join our team that have a dynamic approach to therapy and a very warm and welcoming personality.

Do psychologists prescribe medication?

Psychologists do not prescribe medication. Psychiatrists, who are trained medical doctors, are the best resource for going the medication route as that is their area of expertise.

We recommend that you consult with your doctor to get a referral to see a psychiatrist if that is the route you would like to explore.

How do I know if my psychologist is a good fit for me?

Relationship and trust are very crucial for being able to do the very vulnerable work that is required for psychotherapy counselling work.

If your Calgary Psychologist is a good fit, they will feel very easy to talk with and you will feel like they have a very good understanding of you and your goals in therapy.

The best psychologists in Calgary are not going to be your friends, but rather will feel like a great collaborator and you would feel like they are helping you with your main challenges. Developing self awareness is a big piece of therapy and a good psychologist is going to challenge you to grow your awareness and understand yourself in a renewed way.

Can I change my psychologist if I feel like we are not a good fit?

Absolutely. We have a client experience manager that will help you find a better fit if you find that your first Calgary psychologist does not feel like a good fit for you.

We know that not every psychologist is going to be a fit for every person, so matching up the right therapist and client is very important to us. We welcome you to reach out and we would keep that feedback confidential and re-match you with a different psychologist in our office.

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