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Solution focused therapy operates on the belief that people inherently have the strength and resources they need to create change within them. So, instead of dwelling on the details of past and present struggles, it zooms in on your goals and the steps you can take to reach them. Solution focused therapy sessions move fast to focus on what's working and how to build on that. It's an approach that is pragmatic, action-oriented, and effective.

Picture this: You walk into a solution focused therapy session, and we dive right into what you want to achieve. Rather than spending hours rehashing the details of your past, we're more interested in how you want your future to look. You share your aspirations, dreams, and vision for a better life. Then, we work together to map out the small yet mighty steps that will bring you closer to achieving your goals.
What steps does a solution focused approach encompass? Let's take a closer look at what to expect when you seek therapy of this kind:


Step 1: Define Your Desired Future

First things first, we're going to figure out what you want to achieve. The client's desired outcome is what we're after. We're not diving into the muck of your past troubles—nope. We're focusing on your vision for a better life, your preferred future. What do you want to see, feel, and experience? A solution focused model begins with a vivid picture of your desired future.


Step 2: Set Clear Goals

Let's get specific. Break down that desired future into realistic and achievable goals. What steps can you take to get from where you are to where you want to be? We're talking about practical strategies that will make a real difference in your life and improve your overall mental health.


Step 3: Identify Your Strengths

You're stronger than you think. Using solution focused techniques, we're going to dive into your toolbox of strengths, skills, and resources that you've used before to overcome challenges. Let's shine a spotlight on your resilience and get ready to leverage it.


Step 4: Explore What's Working

You've already got some tools and techniques that are working for you, and we will identify and build further on those. By dissecting the moments when things have gone well, no matter how small they might seem, we're going to figure out precisely what made the positive difference. What exactly worked? And how can you do more of that?

Step 5: Amplify Success

Now it's time to supercharge those successes. We will brainstorm ways to build on what's working and create more of those positive moments in your life. It's like taking your strengths to the gym and pumping them up.

Step 6: Take Action

No more sitting around twiddling your thumbs. It's action time. You've got your goals, you've got your strengths, and you've worked on creating preferred realities. Let's put those practical solutions into motion and start making those changes happen.


Step 7: Review and Adjust

We're not just throwing stuff at the wall and hoping it sticks. We will review how things are going and make adjustments as needed. If something's not working, we pivot and try a different approach. Flexibility is key, and learning solution-focused therapy techniques can help you deeply appreciate that there is never a one-size-fits-all solution.

Step 8: Celebrate Progress

Problem-solving strategies combined with a future-oriented perspective will result in positive change. You're making strides, and it's important to acknowledge and celebrate your progress, no matter how small. Every step forward is a step closer to your desired future.

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It’s not all rainbows and sunshine. Solution focused therapy doesn't ignore challenges or struggles; it acknowledges them but doesn't let them steal the spotlight. Instead, we focus on your strengths, your resilience, and the times when you've already managed to overcome obstacles. Solution-Focused Therapy is about tapping into that well of experience and wisdom to fuel your journey forward.

So, if you're tired of endlessly dissecting your past woes and ready to roll up your sleeves and create positive change, solution focused therapy might just be your ticket. It's practical, empowering, and all about helping you get from where you are to where you want to be.

Are you seeking a Calgary psychologist or family therapy centre that can help you and your loved ones find practical and meaningful solutions and move you forward in impactful ways? Contact the team of mental health professionals at One Life Counselling & Coaching Ltd. directly today to book an appointment!

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Rates and Insurance


Individual Sessions

(60 minutes)
$220 + GST
Per Session

Couples Sessions
(Recommended first 4-6 sessions)

(90 minutes)
$330 + GST
Per Session

Maintenance Couples Counselling
Follow-up or Maintenance

(60 minutes)
$220 + GST
Per Session


(60 minutes)
$220 + GST
Per Session

If being able to use your insurance benefits is an important factor in your selection, our team would be happy to recommend one of our therapists who's services are covered by most insurance plans. Please be sure to confirm in advance if insurance coverage is preferred.

Our standard fees are aligned with the recommended fee schedule from the Psychologist’s Association of Alberta. However, we offer the added value of 60-minute sessions in contrast to the recommended 50-minute session for this fee.

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