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Aug 01, 2018

How to access the best version of yourself


Today I want to talk about an invitation that is always waiting for you.

That invitation is the story of you and how you can awaken the best version of yourself.

The application of self mastery is learning to integrate your inner strength and compassion to a high enough level to walk a path of absolute integrity to listening to yourself on a soul level.

Many of us want to reach our highest potential, to be able to bring our best self forward and live our life to the fullest and for so many of us the struggle is real.

If you listen closely to yourself, you will hear that you likely have a story of yourself.

My question for you is, how is your story guiding you right now.

Are the whispers of fear laying the road ahead for you?

Is your beliefs about yourself setting you up for success in life?

The top three fears I hear on a daily basis (And there are many more)

  1. Fear of not being good enough
  2. Fear of being judged by others
  3. Fear of not being ready

I might have just said the same thing three times. So many of our doubts, fears and limitations originate from the relation to others.

We design our view of ourselves from what we belief others to belief about us. Think about this deeply. We contract out our perception of ourselves to what WE BELIEVE OTHERS to believe about ourselves.

We convince ourselves that these stories and beliefs are true and the consequence is massive impact on how we see and show in up in the world.

My call for action from you is to stop waiting. Stop waiting for motivation to change. Stop waiting for something in your life system to change for you to change.

Get invested in your life on a deep level.

Make a commitment to get intentional with your life right now and make a decision to bust through the hesitation and procrastination.

No more waiting, tell yourself the truth. That time is not on our side.

Let's make a decision and bring forth your awakened self and let go of the old self that lives in fear, lives in doubt and does not believe in your potential.

Learn to unplug from the old perceptions that have been living in your shadows and holding you back.

Here is something that I want to promise you, change is not outside of you and it does not need to be in some distant future.

It does not need to take years and years of psychotherapy counselling, coaching and personal development to achieve mastery over yourself and unleash your best self forward.

It always begins with a decision.

Want to get started?

Here are some examples on how you can begin your own practice of discovering the best version of you.

Build an obsession with your own self discovery

I know, I am clinician and I am not supposed to encourage you to have an obsession with anything right?

So let me echo this from a top the highest mountain, you absolutely need to have a deeply invested attitude with your own self growth.

Knowing yourself deeply takes a lot of work and the journey there is often messy and yet there is a coming out on the other side that is often so incredibly worth that time.

Try beginning with any of these actions.

-Journal (With intention to discover who you are)


-Seek feedback from others about your own growth (That you trust of course)

-Go on retreats

-Read books on psychology and self help

-Go to yoga

-Write out your intentions daily and weekly

-Work with a confidence coach/therapist/healer

Scan for all the blocks

If the goal is true transformation, then we need to know what is getting in your way of happiness, success and well-being.

Sit with that question "How am I getting in my own way"?

To encounter yourself in this way means, we take a good inventory of where we hold back and part of the self discovery process is identifying behaviors, attitudes and perceptions that no longer serve you.

We operate mostly out of habit.Think about that.

So much of our lives are habit and that means we are running on an operating system that may or may not be serving you.

Awareness allows us to wake up. Action allows us to re-wire the program and break free from the old.Commitment is the final ingredient for you on this journey of compassionate and self inquiry into our blocks, trauma and past wounds.

Invest in being incredibly intentional with your life

We absolutely become what we think and feel.

Belief is everything.

So many of our beliefs are created without our awareness and exist uninterrupted in the background of our minds eye to freely influence our attitudes, perception and behaviors.

Here is the invitation for you today, begin to live your life with greater intention.

How to write out your intentions and goals.


-Get a journal and write daily intentions when you wake up each day for 15mins

-Get creative with your intentions

-Access the feeling of what you are inviting and write as if it were happening now.

-Be specific and avoid being negative with your words (Don't, can't)

-Let go of the how things will unfold for you

Notice what starts to come up for you or present itself to you

Create habits that support YOU

Develop habits and rituals that support your mind, your physical health, your relationships and your work.

Discipline is nothing more than the commitment to move past our sophisticated minds that are addicted to comfort.

Start simple and create habits that are easy to achieve.This will help with supporting the belief that you can start new habits.

Staying the course in the beginning is moving past the uncomfortable and seeing beyond temporary pain.

As Mark Matteson once said, "good habits are hard to form and easy to live with.Bad habits are easy to form and hard to live with."

So do a good inventory and ask yourself what habits you need to work on, let go and develop.

Your best self is always waiting for you discover and only you can write that story of how that unfolds.

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