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Individual Counselling: Resiliency – A Necessity in the Face of Adversity

Resiliency is the ability of an individual, community, organization, or institute to grow and thrive when face to face with misfortune. It is what allows us to get knocked down by adversity – multiple times - brush ourselves off and stand stronger than before. Here we discuss the core competencies of resiliency, all of which can be further developed with the support of one of our Calgary counsellors.


COVID-19: Three Strategies for Your Vitality & Mental Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed us down and waits for us to stand-up and hold our ground. Are you able find solid footing when all that surrounds you feels so unstable? Perhaps you can hear the voice of a coach from the past shouting at you from the sidelines “FOCUS! You need to focus!”

But on what?

As I see it, there are three options:


Psychotherapy: How a Handful of Sessions Could Change Your Life

While some situations call for remaining in therapy for longer periods of time, many people are helped significantly by committing to no more than a handful of sessions with a reputable psychotherapist. From personal sessions to spending time at a couple of personal retreats those sessions could change your life. Here are some examples of how this type of therapy will make a difference.


What is the Difference Between Psychotherapists and Psychiatrists? Which is Best For Me?

You have decided that some type of counselling will help you deal with something that’s happening in your life. The question is where will you seek the help that you need? You hear quite a bit about psychotherapists and psychiatrists, but some people tend to use the terms as if they refer to the same type of mental health professional. In fact, one may be a better choice for your situation than the other. Here are some basics you should know before attempting to find the right professional.