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Jul 30, 2012

Welcome to Ken Fierheller Psychotherapy and Coaching!


Psychotherapy & Counseling

Build confidence and self-esteem with psychotherapy services and counseling. I believe that if you put your energy into developing your awareness and motivation,
anything is possible!

Counseling is available for:

Life Coaching

Face your fears with a fresh perspective and pursue your dreams with certainty. We live in the invisible castles we build for ourselves! Learn to break through your self-limiting belief systems!

Some benefits of life coaching session :

  • Career Motivation
  • Building Confidence & Self Esteem
  • Professional Development
  • Business Relationship Development
  • Leading Successful Teams

Couples Therapy

A couple that can confidently navigate through conflict will have stronger levels of intimacy, trust and connection by having couples therapy! Learn new skills to have a healthy relationship!

I see couples experiencing:

  • Infidelity and Trust Issues
  • Divorce/Separation
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Living with Addiction in Relationships
  • In-law Challenges
  • Conflicting Future's
  • Financial Issues
  • Abuse
I am the founder of One Life Counselling and Coaching LTD and I am honored to lead a team of professional psychologists, psychotherapist’s and life coaches who dedicate their professional lives to helping people to elevate their mindsets, evolve their beliefs and learn to thrive in the present moment.
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