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Apr 05, 2023

Does Counselling Work?


Have you had the thought that you might need counselling and then wondered if it will even work for you? You are not alone in this conundrum. The question of whether counselling works or not is a hot topic when you are first considering counselling in Calgary.

The answer to this question is not as simple as a yes or no. This uncertainty can make some people anxious to reach out and try counselling. However, if we break down how counselling works you will be able to see whether counselling will work for you. Research does show that 75% of people who begin a therapeutic process will experience relief and feel a sense of improvement.

After all, everyone is unique and as such will need a unique approach to provide the containment and support that you need.

Ready For Change

One of, if not the key aspect that will determine whether counselling works for you or not is your readiness for change. Therapy is not a summer journey filled with sunshine and rainbows; it can be a difficult journey. It can be scary, looking into ourselves, accepting ourselves for who we are, and recognizing the areas we need to change.

Recognition and awareness is one step, the next is the commitment to actually working and making these changes. These changes might require thought changes, behavior changes, lifestyle changes, etc. These will all take dedication and practice to make any sort of difference.

A growth mindset will help you ensure your readiness for change. A growth mindset is to approach therapy with honest curiosity and no judgement. This will leave you with a willingness to accept new thoughts and changes.

Usually if you are in the position where you are considering counselling, you already have the awareness that something isn’t working and there needs to be some form of change. You can enhance this perspective with curiosity and your own ambition for a better future.

Key Aspects Of A Growth Mindset

There are aspects that you can focus on when you begin to look for Calgary counsellors that will help you increase your growth mindset.

  • Develop a ‘What can I learn?’ attitude

When we look at life, we make meaning of it. This is natural to us, in fact, it makes us happy when we have meaning. Going into therapy with this mindset helps you to focus on the process and what each thought and experience means to you. This can broaden your insight into yourself and your experiences.

  • Be fearless and kind

When you are in a therapeutic process you will find there are places you don’t want to go. These are the ‘scary places’ that we often need to approach with care and support. Being fearless to go to these places means you trust yourself and the therapeutic process to enable you to make meaning from the scary and come out with a better understanding of yourself. Together with the fearlessness needs to be kindness to yourself. It is okay to have scary places, it is normal to have things that you don’t like about yourself or the way that you respond to experiences. With kindness you know that there will be no self-judgement during your therapeutic experience.

  • Commitment to the process

Seeing your therapist or counsellor once a week is not enough time to truly make change happen in your life. You will need to take the reflections, realizations, and tools from these sessions and apply them in your every day life. This takes dedication and investment in yourself. You might want to work with small goals with your counsellor. Revisiting these goals, reflecting on your progress are all ways to keep your commitment alive.

  • Reflection on your process

Reflection and becoming self-aware will fit right in with this journey. Reflection is not something that takes you into a spiral of what you haven’t got to yet. Rather, it is a practice that allows you to acknowledge the work that you have been doing. The steps you have taken, and the achievements you have made are all points for you to reflect upon. When you do reflect on the things that are still to come, it is with curiosity.

The Right Therapist

Another key aspect is the relationship between you and your therapist. Therapy truly does rely on the connection between client and therapist, if you do not have a secure connection with your therapist, you might find that counselling does not work a well for you.

Therapists usually work within a specific set of theoretical frameworks, and this might cause you some confusion when you are looking for Calgary counselling. However, you do not have to worry about the approach they use, instead, you can focus on whether you feel a connection with them.

This might mean you have to try out a few different therapists before you feel comfortable sitting opposite this person and going on this vulnerable and exciting journey. Finding the right fit for you is going to be a huge influence on the success of your therapy.

You can look at some of these elements when you are considering a therapist:

  • Competency

This comes down to knowledge and understanding. Has the therapist done training and are confident in the issues you are specifically dealing with? Will they have tools to help your situation?

  • Commitment

Is the commitment from the therapist in line with yours? Do your schedules merge well? Are the costs within your budget to allow you to complete this journey.

  • Connection

This comes down to your gut feel. Do you trust this person? Do you feel safe in the room? Are you comfortable? Do you feel that you can go on this journey with this person? If the answer is yes, then you have found your therapist.

How Do I Know I Am Ready For Counselling?

You know that a growth mindset is needed, you need to be ready for change, and you need the right therapist. Does this knowledge make you ready for counselling?

Perhaps it has given you the information you need to determine whether you are ready. Remember that this journey is about you – can you commit to yourself?

If you are thinking about going to counselling then you are most likely ready to start your journey. You are worth investing in. You have the strength to commit to yourself.

To Wrap Up

If you are ready and looking for the best place to find counselling in Calgary you can contact One Life Counselling and Coaching, where there is a team of hand picked therapists waiting to support you on your journey. Each counsellor is competent in their knowledge and have undergone their own therapeutic processes. Choosing a therapist at One Life Counselling and Coaching could be your first step on your journey. 

I am the founder of One Life Counselling and Coaching LTD and I am honored to lead a team of professional psychologists, psychotherapist’s and life coaches who dedicate their professional lives to helping people to elevate their mindsets, evolve their beliefs and learn to thrive in the present moment.
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