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Sep 11, 2016

ADHD Coaching

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ADHD is a common issue that affects not only children, but adults as well. Many adults struggle with attention deficit problems, and as an adult it can be much harder to succeed at reaching goals and maintaining relationships when you struggle with it.

ADD is normally considered a mental health problem, and indeed I do offer therapeutic services to those that feel they want a more psychodynamic approach. But one of the growing trends is to utilize a life coach for ADD and ADHD, because life coaching itself involves strategies that are excellent for overcoming attention deficit problems.

How ADD Coaching Works

ADD coaching is becoming more and more common across Calgary and all over Canada. It uses several techniques that successfully address ADD including:

  • Time Management – Life coaching has been shown to be extremely successful for time management. Coaching focuses on the best way to tackle problems, how to keep up motivation, and how to find a focus that is emotionally and psychologically healthy.
  • Goal Setting – Similarly, one of the keys to addressing ADD is goal setting. You need to make sure that you're focused on a specific, attainable goal. Life coaching teaches how to successfully set goals, and the accountability of coaching also helps keep you focused.
  • Mindfulness – Part of overcoming ADD is also about being aware of when it's affecting you and how. Life coaching teaches that mindfulness, which allows you to rewire your mind to focus more on what's in front of you and prevent your mind from wandering.

These are just some of the reasons that life coaching is such a helpful strategy for overcoming ADD. Over time, you'll find that you are seeing real, tangible results in your focus and your ability to accomplish your goals. Your relationships and your work life will improve, and perhaps most importantly you'll improve your relationship with yourself.

Calgary ADD and ADHD Coaching Services

ADD life coaching is new to many people, but it is quickly becoming one of the strongest ways to address not only ADHD, but also life satisfaction. It is a great choice if you're feeling like your life is in need of improvements.

If you're located in either Calgary or Canmore and you want to find out more about what ADHD counselling is and why it is so helpful for you, give me a call today, and you and I will go over what it means to struggle with ADD and what we can do about it, together.

I am the founder of One Life Counselling and Coaching LTD and I am honored to lead a team of professional psychologists, psychotherapist’s and life coaches who dedicate their professional lives to helping people to elevate their mindsets, evolve their beliefs and learn to thrive in the present moment.
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