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Lets enhance your connection, develop powerful communication skills and re-build lasting trust.

We use proven relationship science, powerful tools and teach you practical strategies to help you thrive in your relationship.

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We specialize in teaching couples how to communicate better, resolve old conflicts and reconnect with one another.

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Couples Counselling with One Life Looks Like:

You have one life to live!

Relationship Counselling Services

Marriage Therapy

  • Communication tools
  • Infidelity & affairs
  • Re-building trust
  • Roommate energy
  • Challenges with children, parents and in-laws
  • Conflicting visions and values for the relationship
  • Differing work-life balances
  • Financial
  • Never-ending repetitive arguments
  • Grief and loss
  • Addiction and co-dependence

Individual Relationship Coaching/counselling

  • Workplace
  • Rebuilding after separation and divorce
  • Dating
  • Co-dependence
  • Communication tools
  • Anger/emotional regulation

Re-building trust
after an affair

  • Learn how to re-build the trust in your relationship
  • Learn to do the right actions in the aftermath
  • Process the information the right way
  • Learn new communication tools
  • How to break the obsessive thoughts that often come after a disclosure
  • Learn how to have reassuring conversations
  • Develop greater meaning in your relationship
  • Healing conversation are needed

Common questions that you will have are:

Do You Have More Questions?

Couples counselling is a valuable service for most couples who have not yet learned the best tools to repair a disconnected and conflicted relationship. We know that most couples were never shown previously and at One Life we take teaching our clients the skills to have the best relationship very seriously.

Finding the relationship counsellor in Calgary can be a daunting task, especially since most couples do not yet share who they have seen themselves, so you might have to do your own research when looking for a couples counselor. Our services include relationship counseling for young couples and older ones. We also offer online couples therapy in Calgary to our clients who cannot attend in person.

All of our One Life couples psychologists have training in one of the specialized treatment models that focuses on bringing a couples health back into reality. Our marriage therapists in Calgary require that specialized training in order to work with One Life clients and couples.

One Life has served hundreds of couples in the Calgary area providing the best couples counselling and affordable marriage therapy. Our process is that we first assess each couple's needs and then we offer different options to treat each couple's challenges with exercises, interventions and assistance in communication.

Psychologist marriage counselling can be effective for improving communication, connection and building lasting trust in a relationship. There are many different types of counseling options to clients and we will do our best to explain all your options below.

What is Marriage Counselling?

Relationship therapy is a service we offer through One Life in-person and online. We use the most up-to-date and proven specialized training in our approach. There are seven main types of relationship therapy that we use at One Life.

  • Gottman Method

This method is very well researched where couples therapists use a thorough assessment tool for the best couples counselling and use proven strategies to help integrate the needs addressed in the beginning of the sessions.

Gottman Method integrates research-based interventions based on the Sound Relationship House Theory. The goals of Gottman Method Marriage Therapy are to resolve conflict, improve verbal communication, increase intimacy, respect, and affection, remove barriers that create a feeling of stuckness in a couple's relationship, and create a heightened sense of empathy and understanding within the context of the relationship.

  • Emotionally Focused Counselling

EFT is a very well researched humanistic approach to psychotherapy that focuses on therapy that was developed with the science of attachment and development theory. Attachment sees people as being mostly relational and social beings. This means we are wired for intimate relationships with others. The EFT model holds a space for emotion and emotional regulation as the central to the relationship therapy being offered to clients.

EFT is best known as being a science based approach that uses proven couple therapy interventions and exercises. EFT aims to include and address clients' depression, anxiety and PTSD .

  • Traditional Family Systems Counselling

This system is about helping the couple understand their individuality and togetherness, approaching conflict with trying to help the couple understand each partner will fall into a conflict pattern and it is the job of the couples therapist to not take sides, but rather help the couple out of the pattern and bring more choice and awareness to their dynamic.

  • Gestalt Couples Therapy

Gestalt relationship therapy is based on helping couples create healthy boundaries and meet in contact (Open/Relational) with one another. Gestalt therapy sees both individuals as uniquely coming from difference and that difference is a good thing. Gestalt marriage therapy attempts to bridge those differences with a perspective that it is healthy to have differences and that we only need good communication and contact skills to process those differences. Essentially having healthy boundaries. Much of Gestalts framework in relationship therapy is about offering couples a space to connect with one another and be able to see each other on a deeper level for communication.


Developed by Harvey Hendrix off the idea that we attract our unfinished business from our childhoods in our current adult relationships. IMAGO is an experiential and humanistic marriage therapy approach that uses the art of relating and mapping out the positives desired changes.

  • Relational Life Institute Counselling

Based on the work of Terry Real and Pia Mellody helping couples communicate better through the use of healthy self esteem in the art of relating. Terry was able to see that not all couples and partners needed empowerment to communicate better, but rather that sometimes a partner in the relationship needed to be less grandiose in their stance in the relationship.

Benefits of Relationship Counselling

Improving communication skills, connection and re-building trust are the three biggest advantages to investing in weekend marriage counseling. When offline or online couples therapy begins we teach you that counselling is a major benefit to your overall well being. We know that happy and successful relationships translate to great overall well being and satisfaction in our lives.


Does Relationship Counselling Help?

Therapy can help with getting to the bottom of issues and being able to help couples effectively communicate with one another better. It is a proven way to enhance communication, improve connection and strengthen a couples love for one another.

How does the whole process go?

Meeting up with one of our counsellors in our office is the first step. You can call into our office and our intake coordinator will help you find the best specialist One Life office for you.

Couples counselling is a process we want to give you the best idea of how that process goes with One Life. After getting started in your first session with a marriage counsellor, you will meet with your therapist or one individual appointment and then come back together as a couple moving forward.

As a couple you will come up with your relationship goals and habits that you want to achieve in counselling with us. Our office is a place for you share your feelings, express your thoughts and learn how to effectively communicate with one another

Which techniques are used during the session?

All of our marriage counsellors and psychologists have specific training for affordable couples therapy. We draw on the most well researched and proven techniques of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and Gottman Method.

How can a couple prepare for marriage counselling?

We ask that each partner brings in their specific goals and that you take some time to write out your intentions with our marriage counsellors. We really encourage you to sit down with each other or just yourself before your appointment and brainstorm all the ideas and questions you want to talk about with our registered psychologists.

We know that each couple is unique and different, and so it is very important for each partner to share their goals, questions and be informed through the couples counseling process.

Here are some ideas of questions you can ask in your first session.

  • What is your experience with couples like us?
  • What is the plan with a couple like us?
  • How many appointments would you recommend?
  • What is relevant for us to bring up in session?
  • Do we talk about pasts and childhood experiences?
  • How do we know when to end counselling?

Is it possible to have an online session?

Marriage counselling sessions can be done from your home or virtually at any point. We use video conferencing to help our couples that cannot make it into our office. Online counselling for couples is a great way to take advantage of the convenience of doing virtual counselling from the comfort of your own homes. We know that the world is very busy and so making our counselling available to you from the comfort of your home or office is really important to One Life.

How long does Marriage Counselling Take?

Being able to predict how long couples counselling would take is very difficult. We believe that every marriage counsellor on our One Life team has the necessary skills to help your situation and you just need time to learn and integrate those skills.

Marriage counseling usually needs at least 10-12 appointments for deeper and lasting change. Those numbers are not based on anything specific for your relationship as each couple is unique. We notice that couples who spend more time invested in marriage guidance counselling in Calgary have better results than those that only come in once every 4 to 5 weeks.

You can expect results sooner than 10-12 sessions, but lasting change usually takes a greater commitment. If you give yourself a time commitment of 4-6 months of 10-12 appointments that would be the best decision with marriage counselling. We know that deciding to come into couples counseling is a start and a big start and our One Life couples counsellors are here to support you.

Do you work with couples experiencing affairs?

Marriage counseling for affairs is something that One Life offers their clients. We have marriage counselors that are specifically trained in affair recovery in relationships.

Rebuilding trust takes significant energy and the specific set of steps to achieve best results. We know that 2/3rds of married couples make it through an affair. Affairs are relationship trauma and need a lot of care when going through healing a relationship. Our couples counsellors will provide you with direction in this difficult time.

Do you give your couples homework in-between appointments?

Yes, homework is something we like to provide in couples counselling services with our One Life marriage counsellors choosing the right reading, exercises and ritual for you to explore with one another. Couples counseling is most effective when we have homework and ritual brought in-between appointments.

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