The greatest currency
in life is our relationships

Our marriage counsellors, psychologists and relationship coaches can help you to THRIVE in your relationships.

We use proven relationship science, powerful tools and teach you practical strategies to help you thrive in your relationship.

Be the change

We specialize in teaching couples how to communicate better, resolve old conflicts and reconnect with one another.

Protect your relationship

Marriage Counselling with One Life

You have one life to live!

Relationship Counselling Services

Marriage Counselling

  • Communication tools
  • Infidelity & affairs
  • Re-building trust
  • Roommate energy
  • Challenges with children, parents and in-laws
  • Conflicting visions and values for the relationship
  • Differing work-life balances
  • Financial
  • Never-ending repetitive arguments
  • Grief and loss
  • Addiction and co-dependence

Individual Relationship Coaching/counselling

  • Workplace
  • Rebuilding after separation and divorce
  • Dating
  • Co-dependence
  • Communication tools
  • Anger/emotional regulation

Re-building trust
after an affair

  • Learn how to re-build the trust in your relationship
  • Learn to do the right actions in the aftermath
  • Process the information the right way
  • Learn new communication tools
  • How to break the obsessive thoughts that often come after a disclosure
  • Learn how to have reassuring conversations
  • Develop greater meaning in your relationship
  • Healing conversation are needed

Common questions that you will have are: