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How to Move On After Your Relationship Ends

When a relationship ends, so does the dream and vision of what was supposed to be. Often when a relationship ends the feelings that emerge follow the same path as experiencing someone close to you dying. So naturally grieving is very important to healing and moving on to the next chapter of your life. The […]

I Think I Married a Narcissist

“This office is impressive.” Donald was looking around with a big smile on his face, pleased, nodding to himself. “Good for you,” he said as he sat down beside his wife on the couch across from me. “It does the trick,” I said with a smile. “But, you know, I have to tell you,” Donald’s […]

When One Partner’s Substance Addiction is Impacting the Relationship

What is substance addiction? Substance addiction is not the same as substance use - just because someone uses substances occasionally does not make them an addict. While the diagnosis of a substance addiction is a mental health condition best left to professionals, a layperson’s guide might look something as follows: Substance use becomes substance addiction […]

5 Relationship Mantras to Transform Your Relationship

The first thing I do with every couple that walks through my practice is I challenge them to imagine and envision a higher standard for what is possible in their relationship. Most of us believe that we are capable or deserve a great and fulfilling relationship. And before you go for marriage counselling, yet if you […]

Couples Counselling Presents the Power

How do we lose our way with the people we love? The answer is quite easily and for most of us if we don't put in the right effort, support and cherishing attitude into the relationship it can happen to any relationship. The problem is once a couple gets de-railed they often struggle to restore […]

Who Can Benefit From a Couples Weekend?

You've heard of couples weekends offered by different counselling services. While they sound great, aren't they just for couples who are experiencing trouble in their marriages? In fact, a couples weekend retreat or similar activity can benefit couples at all stages in their relationships. Here are some examples to consider. Newlyweds Many couples can attest that […]

The 5 Things You Learn In Relationship Counseling

The decision to seek help from a relationship or marriage counsellor is an indication that you and your partner realize something needs work and that both of you are willing to put forth the effort. While you will likely go into those first sessions with some preconceptions about what happens, most of them will prove false. Here […]

What to Expect from Marriage Counseling? 5 Ways to Get the Most from Marriage Counselling in Calgary

Marriage counseling is much more than listening to a trained professional tell the patient what to do. It involves choosing to participate in your own healing. That means the roles of you and your spouse must be active rather than passive. By going to marriage counseling with the following resolves in mind, the odds of getting the […]

Strategies for Relationship Recovery and getting Men to buy into them

Successful relationships use their energy wisely, many of us don't. If I am getting the phone call to work with a couple in trouble there is a pretty good chance that damage has already happened and therapy is often the last resort to saving the relationship. The truth about relationships and my line of work […]
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