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Counselling Services in Calgary

  • Be the change
    We use proven relationship science, and powerful tools and teach you practical strategies to help you thrive in your relationship.
  • Protect your relationship
    We specialize in teaching couples how to communicate better, resolve old conflicts and reconnect with one another.
We use proven relationship science, and powerful tools and teach you practical strategies to help you thrive in your relationship.
Be the change
We specialize in teaching couples how to communicate better, resolve old conflicts and reconnect with one another.
Protect your relationship

Areas of Counselling at One Life

At One Life we have a deep respect for the process of counselling and we do our best to provide our clients with a holistic approach, offering many different therapy methodologies, theories and interventions with our counselling services in Calgary.
  • Marriage Counselling
  • Addiction Counselling
  • Trauma Counselling
  • Depression Counselling
  • Anxiety Counselling
  • Self Esteem Counselling
  • Relationship Counselling
  • Career Counselling
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Counselling is the process of meeting with a registered professional who has trained in the field of psychology to help you reduce negative symptoms, improve mental well-being and develop greater self awareness of yourself.

At One Life, we believe that counselling is also a great opportunity to develop a growth mindset, improve your overall relationships with others and most of all use the therapy room as a journey of self discovery. We believe that when you have greater self awareness, tools to help you relate better in the world and when you really get to know yourself on the deepest of levels that you can live a life with more fulfillment and meaning.

Counselling is the process of going inside yourself and getting to know who you are, getting to know how you interact with others and gaining insight into how to react, make decisions and hold yourself back. We believe that when we apply more awareness we have the opportunity to choose a different path for ourselves.

The counselling and therapy room is a place dedicated to support your inner growth and mental well-being. Our qualified counsellors in Calgary are compassionate, easy to talk with and will always have your best interest in front of mind during your counselling sessions.

Think of your counselling sessions as an opportunity to put the stresses and demands of everyday life to the side and just focus on you. Your therapist is there to really get to know you and help guide you towards your goals.

Many people come to counseling searching to improve their mental wellbeing, their relationships and to find solutions to the challenges in their lives. In counselling, the therapy room is about you having a safe and entirely non-biased space to discover how to do that within yourself.

Counselling at One Life comes in the form of psychotherapy, marriage counselling and coaching. In your sessions you will get the chance to talk about your feelings/thoughts on different situations, all with the intention to help you feel better about who you are and what you would like to become within.

Sometimes that journey within is a self discovery process of understanding your beliefs better. Sometimes it is understanding how you sabotage yourself and get in your own way. Many other times, it is learning to handle anxiety or depression better.

What ever your challenge, think of counselling as an investment into yourself. You get to know yourself on the deepest of levels, how you think, how your emotions work within and you get the chance to develop a greater relationship with yourself.

The counselling services are going to be with a therapist that is non-judgmental, non-biased and highly qualified. Choosing a therapist in Calgary that has a speciality in the challenge you are facing is always a good idea. You want to see a marriage counsellor that has training in marriage counselling or if it is dealing with trauma, you will want a trauma trained therapist.

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Challenges We Help Our Clients With

  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Addiction
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Self Worth
  • Business Performance
  • Positive Psychology
  • Legacy Coaching
  • LGTBQ+ Friendly
  • Anxiety Help
  • Marriage Counselling
  • Burnout & Stress Management
  • Post Divorce Counselling
  • Self Esteem
  • Dating
  • Sex
  • Business Coaching
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

What is our Approach?

We use a variety of different methodologies and approaches to our work with our clients. We are all client centered in our approach, which means that we are going to customize and tailor our work to each individuals needs.

We focus our attention on every client’s intentions for change and help them through the many different theories and approaches our team is trained in.

The first session is about getting to know you, hearing your goals and what has brought you through the doors. After the first session, the process begins of working towards your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if counselling is for me?

The decision to begin counselling is a very personal thing. If you are experiencing any struggles, challenges or issues, it may be time to take control of your life again. You can always give our company a phone call and we would be happy to discuss your situation and see if you are a good fit to work with one of our therapists.

Why should I choose a One Life counsellors?

At One Life we take great pride in having very high standards with hiring all our therapists on our team. Everyone is very highly skilled, educated and very passionate about their role as therapists. Our psychologists, psychotherapists and coaches have a deep value for the process of change and a great respect for each individual’s journey of self discovery. We believe wholeheartedly that every person in inherently wise, resilient and capable of tapping into their potential and strengths.

How long does counselling last?

Every situation and every client will have a different story and different outcome in relation to their therapy process, so it is very difficult to say how long with therapy last for you. Studies and research show that investing in longer term psychotherapy and counselling has the best results for lasting change. The important thing to remember is that you are always in control of your own therapy process and it should feel like a valuable investment for you.

How do I know who is the best counsellor for me?

Finding the best counsellor in Calgary for yourself is always a tough process. We recommend you look at our team page and see if there is a counsellor that resonates with you and your situation. We are always going to be happy to recommend a therapist based on your situation. Here are some key things to consider when trying to find the best counselling in Calgary.
  • Does my therapist listen well to my story?
  • Is my therapist easy to talk with and do they ask good questions?
  • Do I feel confident that my therapist knows how to help improve my situation?
  • Is my therapist an expert with my issue?
  • Does my therapist support and empower me?
  • Does my therapist challenge me to grow?
Those are just a few things to consider when thinking about find the right fit for you. We would never suggest going to see a therapist for marriage counselling that has no additional training in couples work and yet there are many generalist psychologists who do this and so it is important to check their background training before deciding.

Do you offer online counselling?

Yes, we have a secure video platform that we use to provide our clients with video counselling. It is a great option for clients who can’t leave work or find childcare. We also have many clients who are residing in Alberta who do not live in the Calgary area and want to have counselling with one of our therapists online.

How do I book my first appointment?

You can reach out to us any time through our website, email or phone to connect with our intake coordinator. Contact us at or 1-888-540-5791 and our intake coordinator would be happy to chat with you about

What kind of counselling is offered at One Life?

We offer individual counselling, marriage counselling and life coaching.

We have several well-regarded types of approaches to our counselling in Calgary at One Life.

Psychodynamic & Humanistic Therapy

Psychodynamic & Humanistic Therapy is an approach that focuses on understanding how your past experiences continue to influence your current life. The best psychologists in Calgary will use this approach to help their clients navigate their challenges through the lens of past patterns and help bring new awareness to their clients.

Positive Psychology Therapy

Positive Psychology Therapy is an approach that focuses on the strengths rather than the weaknesses of a person. The study began out of the question, what makes life more worthwhile and meaningful. The approach of our psychologists is to help their clients rewire their perceptions through positive thinking approaches and find more meaning in their lives.

Somatic Psychotherapy

Somatic Psychotherapy is a therapy approach that brings awareness and focus to the client body and brings forward the emotions living within their clients. Two approaches to therapy are Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Somatic Experiencing Psychotherapy. Both of these approaches focus the attention onto the clients emotions, their body and understanding how their nervous system works. This approach can be effective with trauma, anxiety and depression.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Is considered one of the most well researched therapy approaches. CBT aims to help people change their thinking patterns and help them replace unhelpful thoughts with more positive thinking patterns. This usually helps old behaviors that were previously destructive as well. In our One Life office we have many psychologists in Calgary nw space that use CBT to help their clients improve their well-being and relationships.

Acceptance Commitment Therapy

Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a type of behavioral therapy that focuses on accepting difficult aspects of your life while aligning with your deeper values and often includes mindfulness as part of the skill building approach to life. The goal is greater psychological flexibility and a commitment to change. Acceptance Commitment Therapy is particularly helpful for depression, addiction and changing bad habits.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is similar to CBT and differs in the approach by putting more attention on helping clients regulate their emotions. This approach is especially helpful with clients who have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder or have trauma and PTSD in their lives. DBT group therapy is very effective for anyone that struggles to regulate their emotions.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) is a type of psychotherapy used to treat trauma, stress and healing through using the clients eye movements and recalling their past painful events. Gradually the therapist will re-focus the attention to more pleasant and positive thoughts while having the client follow their hand.

The goal is to lessen the negative emotional charge. EMDR method can be particularly helpful with clients experiencing trauma, anxiety, eating disorders and depression.

Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt Therapy is a psychotherapy approach that focuses on weaving the here and now into the psychotherapy work. The aim is to create more self awareness and with new awareness of our self we can have more possibilities for our life. Gestalt therapy uses mindfulness to help clients grow greater confidence and self esteem within themselves.

Will I have the same counsellor during each session?

Seeing the same psychologist or psychotherapist is ideal for long term results when you begin, but there are many reasons why you might change a therapist.

If you begin couples counselling with us and decide later that you want to see an individual therapist to work on something on your own is always a good idea.

You might find that your therapist is great for helping you with your anxiety and want to try one our coaches out for leadership coaching. Once you decide to work with One Life, we are going to partner with you to help you with your life goals.

If the therapist that you are first assigned does not feel like a fit, that is perfectly okay and sometimes happens. We can assign you a different therapist and want you to reach out to us to let us know about your preference.

How do you know if the counselling is helping?

Counselling is often described as an inner journey and process of self discovery to help an individual or couples with understanding themselves more deeply and learning how to improve their self mastery.

Having key indicators for success and progress is very important for understanding if counselling is indeed improving your life situation.

Here are key indicators that are common for success in therapy.

  • Your relationships improve
  • You no longer identify with your negative thinking patterns as easily
  • You take responsibility and accountability in your life
  • Your symptoms of anxiety and depression improve
  • You set positive boundaries with other people easier
  • Your outlook on life shifts
  • You feel lighter within and more inner freedom
  • You changed how you define yourself and your past
  • You see challenges as learning opportunities
  • Resilience improves
  • Self esteem and confidence improve

How much does counselling cost?

Individual counselling is $200 for 60min session.

Longer individual counselling is $300 for 90min sessions.

Marriage counselling is $300 for 90min sessions.

How does counselling help depression?

Depression can be debilitating and can negatively influence a person’s relationships, work and outlook on life. Counselling is a great treatment option for working with an individual’s depression and can greatly improve their symptoms, mental well-being and give them tools to deal with depression moods easier.

Many times, counselling is either treating situational depression, which is when something happens in our life that influences a depression state, like losing a loved one, losing a job or a relationship break up. Sometimes, depression is chronic and needs on-going treatment to help.

In counselling at One Life we help our clients with giving them the necessary emotional support and space to process their feelings and thoughts and we encourage new strategies and tools to help improve depression symptoms.

How does counselling help anxiety?

Anxiety counselling in Calgary with One Life is a great way to learn how to manage your anxiety better. There are countless things in our world that can contribute to triggering our anxiety to take off within and learning how to bring our worrying mind into wise mind is the goal in anxiety counselling.

We don’t take your anxiety away in therapy, in fact getting better is not the solution we prescribe. Instead, we encourage you to have a different relationship with yourself, with the way you interact with yourself, others and the world around you.

Anxiety is just a manifestation of your mind/body system telling you something. Learning to listen to yourself deeply and learning to access your inner calmness and wisdom is an essential part of therapy.

We teach you how to manage the parts of yourself that worry, get anxious and over think situations. That is going to happen and rather than trying to repress that side of yourself, we want to empower you to connect with yourself deeply and understand what is happening within you.

Anxiety happens to most people and if you have a good understanding of what is happening within you and have options and strategies of how to get yourself back into a state of being that is calm, connected and wise, you will have so much control in your life.

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