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When One Partner’s Substance Addiction is Impacting the Relationship

Taking accountability

While it is helpful for both of you to understand what addiction is and how it affects people, this understanding alone does not address what your relationship needs. Your relationship requires the person with the addiction to take accountability for whatever actions they engage in.

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Treating Anxiety with Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT)

ACT is a psychotherapeutic modality for helping people with a variety of mental health difficulties. It includes a number of ways of understanding people’s emotional experiences, the way they interact with these, and the possibilities for changes in how they think about their experiences.


How to Deal with Anger

How do You deal with Explosive Anger?

Do you find it difficult to contain your anger? Does a little frustration trigger fits of rage and aggression despite your best effort to control your emotion? You could be experiencing anger outbursts because of stress and emotions that lay beneath the anger. While you may be aware of the emotional turmoil of the outbursts, you are unable to control your reaction. Additionally, you may not even comprehend why you are so angry.


Person Centered Counselling & Therapy

What is Person-Centered Counseling?

You have wisdom living within yourself and learning how to access that wisdom is part of the role of the therapist who uses a person-centered approach. In person centered therapy, you are in charge, leading the way and this gives the client a great deal of space for self-discovery.


How Can You Control Anxiety?

Everyone gets a little anxious once in a while. Anxiety is a natural reaction that prepares your body to respond in difficult situations. It’s our very own natural alarm system that lets you know there is danger. It is controlled by adrenaline. Adrenaline is the hormone that gets released when you are stressed, excited, or in a threatening situation.


How Does Career Counselling Help?

Are you stuck in your career? Looking to take on a new role or trying to break into a new industry? If current trends continue, it is estimated that people will have ten to fifteen different jobs throughout their lifetime. In hearing this, some of you may think “Amazing! I love trying on new hats!” while others may have thoughts more like myself --- “Oh my gosh! That is a lot of decisions to make about an aspect of my life that can play a big role in my well being and life satisfaction -- how will I manage to make the best decisions for myself?”

Decision making can be light and empowering and it can also be arduous and pressure inducing.